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The Association

The association "Archivio Romaro. Per una storia delle strutture metalliche del Novecento" (Romaro Archive - A History of Steel Structures of the 20th century) was founded in 2019 with the main purpose of promoting and making available the work and the design and documentary heritage in the Romaro Archive.

For information, please contact info@archivioromaro.it

Who contacts the Association

The Archive and/or the Association have been asked for consulting, consultations and reproductions of material by university students from the faculties of Architecture of Venice and Florence, the faculty of Engineering of Padua and Turin Polytechnic, as well as Doctoral students and Researchers from the universities of L'Aquila and Tor Vergata in Rome for the SIXXI Project, and from the faculty of Architecture of Florence, as well as various technical offices of both private and public administration bodies, to name but a few.

The most requested materials

Among the most requested materials are the following projects:
The projects of the three suspended footbridges built in the 40s-50s in the province of Padua (the pedestrian footbridge between Roncaiette and Isola d'Abba, the one between Cadoneghe and Torre, and the third one between via Goito and via Pio X in Padua);
The project of the Coin building in Padua in 1958;
The renovation of the Central Market in Florence built by Mengoni in 1869-1874;
The project for the assembly work of the Constitution Bridge designed by Calatrava in Venice in 2008;
The project of the tensile structure roofing of the Palasport in Milan, 1971-1972;
The project of the railway viaduct on the Dora Baltea from 2003-2004;
The project of the Acea water center in Vigna Murata, Rome in 1989-1990.

Degree and Doctoral Theses

The following are just some Master and Doctoral Theses to which the Archive and/or the Association have contributed by providing study materials.
Lion, C. (2017). La passerella pedonale sospesa di Roncajette. Analisi di un'opera storica e progetto di ripristino (The Suspended Pedestrian Footbridge of Roncajette. Analysis of a historical work and restoration project) [Master's thesis, University of Padua. Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering, Supervisor Pellegrino C.];
Panattoni, R. (2019). Il mercato e la città. Il sistema dei mercati fiorentini di Giuseppe Mengoni (The market and the city. Giuseppe Mengoni's system of Florentine markets) [Doctoral dissertation, University of Florence. Faculty of Architecture Supervisor Bevilacqua M.C.A.].


The following publications have benefited from the Archive:
Gianluca Capurso, Francesca Martire "Buongiorno signori. Io sono un elaboratore ELEA 9000" Calcolo automatico e progettazione strutturale, in Tullia Iori e Sergio Poretti SIXXI 2 Storia dell'ingegneria strutturale in Italia (“Good morning, I am an ELEA 9000 processor” Automatic calculation and structural design, in Tullia Iori and Sergio Poretti SIXXI 2 History of Structural Engineering in Italiy), Gangemi editore, Rome 2015;
Rita Panattoni, "I mercati coperti di Giuseppe Mengoni. Architettura, ingegneria e urbanistica per Firenze Capitale" ("Giuseppe Mengoni's Covered Markets. Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning for Firenze Capitale") forthcoming.