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Award E.C.C.S. 2009

Three bridges in Reggio Emilia

Erection study, equipments and construction details of the three bridges in Reggio Emilia

Ponti Reggio Emilia
Bridges in Reggio Emilia
Reggio Emilia City Council
Arch. Santiago Calatrava
Details design and erection study:
Cimolai S.p.A. / Studio Romaro
Steelworks contractor:
Cimolai S.p.A.
Completion date:
October 2007

Jury assessment:

“These three road bridges are built as a whole above the new high speed railway line between Milan and Bologna. The central one is a 221 metres classic but very elegant bow string with central layer of cables. The two others are based on a concept using a monumental transverse variable hexagonal box girder arch supporting sets of cables where the higher cables are the shortest, producing an original visual effect different angles. This gives these two 179 metres structures the aspect of huge musical instruments. The overall design as well as the finely crafted details enhances the importance of this infrastructure scheme.”